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The lessons children learn in their first six years stay with them for life. But fragile family situations are often socially isolating for children. This means they miss out on important fundamental experiences. According to figures from Caritas Switzerland, around 133,000 children are affected by poverty. A further 317,000 are living on the poverty line. Together with the Human Safety Net Switzerland foundation, you are helping parents to lay strong foundations for their children’s future despite their difficult circumstances.

The 2023 project: social integration of children with health problems

Children with health problems can often struggle to maintain a social life. Services are therefore required that are designed for their specific needs. Your donation will help the pilot project of the Cerf-Volant organisation in Geneva. It creates opportunities for these children to play and interact. It also provides a safe environment for children’s psychological development and strengthens the bond between them and their parents. The project offers families a welcoming space to balance the hospital and home environments during their child's illness and to encourage regular social interaction.

Every donation counts. Thank you for your support. 

Ways to donate


  • Simply donate when registering online as normal for the Generali Genève Marathon. You can donate CHF 2, CHF 5, CHF 10, CHF 20, CHF 50 or another amount to the Human Safety Net Switzerland foundation.


  • Everyone can also make a classic donation: By paying any amount of money for vulnerable children with the online form. Donate for vulnerable children:



Beneficiary: Fondation des Fondateurs, Breitingerstrasse 35, 8002 Zürich
Account IBAN no.: CH59 0483 5129 7879 9106 7
Bank: CREDIT SUISSE (Schweiz) AG
Payment for: The Human Safety Net Switzerland Foundation

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Run For Children

About The Human Safety Net Switzerland

The Human Safety Net Switzerland foundation funds projects in Switzerland that benefit children aged 0 to 6 years and their parents in fragile family situations. Together with its partner organisation, Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind (MMI), the foundation focuses on early years education. The foundation was established by the insurer Generali Switzerland in 2019. It serves as the bedrock of its social commitment within Switzerland.

The Human Safety Net Switzerland foundation is supporting the national "MegaMarieplus" programme to empower family centres. This gives more parents and their children under six years of age in fragile family situations access to high-quality services and a stimulating environment. The programme is jointly overseen by the Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind and the Netzwerk Bildung und Familie.

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