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#RunForChildren with THSN

Who you support with us

On average, there is one child living in poverty in every Swiss school class, and as many as three children per class are at risk of experiencing poverty. Impoverished children are already at a disadvantage when they start school.

Parents and caregivers play a key role here. THSN supports parents with young children in parenting issues and educates them on how to promote learning through play. Parents can consult the professional staff at family centres and meet other families. Our long-term goal is to support as many Swiss family centres as possible in establishing professional services for early childhood education.

Your donation, your impact

Turn your run into a run for vulnerable children in Switzerland, to help them escape the cycle of poverty. With your donation, The Human Safety Net Switzerland supports parents with young children in laying the strongest possible foundations for their children’s future.

The Human Safety Net Switzerland (THSN), the official charity partner of the Generali Geneva Marathon, invests your donation in early childhood education.

Every donation counts, thank you for your support.

Donation at the online registration

Donations are very easy to make when you register online for the run. Participants have the opportunity to donate CHF 2, CHF 5, CHF 10, CHF 20, CHF 50, or other amounts to The Human Safety Net Switzerland during the registration process.

Run for Children and Donate

Classic donation with the online form

Everyone can also make a classic donation: By paying any amount of money for vulnerable children with the online form.

Donate for vulnerable children Run For Children

Who we are

The Human Safety Net Switzerland, Generali Switzerland’s foundation, supports refugees and disadvantaged families in Switzerland, paying particular attention to young children. Children need a stimulating environment and loving support in order to undergo positive development. Parents and caregivers play a key role here. The Human Safety Net Switzerland offers guidance in this respect, starting with early childhood education. Early childhood education also plays a crucial role in preventing poverty, because the lessons children learn in their first few years stay with them for life. Our goal is to support family centres in Switzerland in building up a range of professional services for disadvantaged families.

Learn more about The Human Safety Net Switzerland.

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